Girls’ education in central Afghanistan

Walking three hours each way to and from school through harsh mountainous terrain can be the norm for the majority of children living in remote areas of Bamyan province in Afghanistan. Despite the daily challenges, they dream of a better future they know education can give them that possibility. Afghan girls in particular are exceptionally motivated to do well at school, not only because it will help them improve the lives of their families and communities, but they also gain control of their own future. Cut off from cities and basic needs, such as schools and hospitals, due to isolation and lack of infrastructure in a harsh environment setting, there are few opportunities to be had. Taiba Rahim, the founder of Nai Qala Association, has committed herself to change that. She finds and consults there isolated communities, goes where others are unwilling to and builds schools that benefit as many villages as possible; as well as involve the communities to be part of their children’s future that gives them the continuous hope and encouragement they need.

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