Northern Uganda

Since Uganda’s independence in 1962, northern Uganda suffered more than 20 years of conflict and violence from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony.  More than 1.9 million people were displaced from their homes into IDP camps by the government’s forceful attempt to protect civilians.  Living conditions in the IDP camps were very difficult, they lacked basic needs such as food and water, break out of diseases rampant and their traditional way of life and cultural values disrupted.

Since the cease of fighting in most of the northern part of the country in 2006, slowly people were returning to their villages.  But with most villages and houses destroyed and civilians still dependent on food aid and insecurity still present, the road to recovery was going to be long.   With much needed help and support from humanitarian organisations the rebuilding process was slowly underway making sure that basic needs and infrastructure were in place to ease the transition back to a sense of normality.

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